Copper Blesbuck

Blesbuck for sale

Copper Blesbuck Ram
1 x Copper Blesbuck Breedingg Ram
R 350 000 + vat
Loaded onto transport

Listed January 2016

Copper Blesbuck Split Ewes
10 x Copper Blesbuck Split ewes

R 150 000 + vat + 3 % commission
Loaded onto transport Western Cape
Photos on request
Listed January 2016

Brown Blesbuck Ewes In Lam to Copper Blesbuck Ram

10 x Brown Blesbuck Ewes
Certified in lamb to Copper Blesbuck Ram
Delivery September 2016
R 15 000 each + vat
Loaded onto transport Limpopo (Warmbad)

These animals are use to breeding camps and is breeding in this camps successfully for 3 years

Listed January 2016

Copper Blesbuck Ewes
3 X copper bleasbuck ewes
R 650 000 each + vat + 3% commission
Loaded onto transport Eastern Cape

Listed July 2015

White Blesbuck Ewes Certified Pregnant By copper Ram
3 x White ewes
Certified Pregnant By Copper Ram
R 20 000 + vat Each

Listed July 2015

Normal Blesbuck Ewes Certified Pregnant by Copper Ram
3 x Normal ewes
Certified Pregnant by Copper Ram
R 15 000 + vat each
Loaded Onto transport Limpopo

Listed July 2015

Copper Breeding Parcel

1 x Cooper Ram
5 x Copper Ewes
(should all be Pregnant)
R 1 000 000 each+ vat +3%commission Loaded onto transport Kroonstad

Listed August 2014


Blesbuck ewes covered by Copper Ram
30 Normal ewes covered By Copper Ram
R 25 000 Each + 3% commission

Loaded onto transport

Listed 13 May 2014

Copper Blesbuck Breeding Group
1 x Copper Breeding Ram
1 X Copper Breeding Ewe
20 X Normal ewe pregnant from the Copper Ram
R 850 000 +vat (Loaded Onto Transport North West)
Photos available

Listed in February 2014

Copper Blesbuck Breeding Ram
1 x Breeding Ram
2 Years Old
R 270 000 + vat Loaded Onto Transport Limpopo

Listed October 2013